Do females have falsetto? – V-Tech Stand And Learn Singing

No, a male falsetto sounds much less dramatic than an undulating pitch accent, and the only time a falsetto is in the range of the female voice is when it makes the voice seem more feminine.

You need to remember that a falsetto is not a falsetto, but a voice that carries through a whole range. When speaking with a high falsetto, the vocal cords are relaxed and a more relaxed quality is achieved, while when speaking with a low falsetto, the tongue is drawn more deeply into the throat (see picture below). Some writers have said that a low falsetto is less masculine. You might say that a high falsetto looks more masculine.

A male falsetto sounds more masculine than is the case with a female falsetto. Many male singers have high falsetto’s with female vocalists (including some jazz singers) simply because the male vocalists have lower voices and therefore they have the same advantage when singing over a female singer.

One way of thinking about this is that a male falsetto is more suitable for male singers than a female falsetto. And yet it is common to hear singers who are clearly female when they sing falsetto’s.

Is a female falsetto better for a vocal teacher?

Some have suggested that a high falsetto would be best in an instrumental or a vocal teacher. However, this is not really true. In the first instance, it depends on how a female falsetto might sound to the teacher and, in the second place, it depends on the quality of singing. If singing can be taught to a person, female falsetto’s can be a very useful thing indeed for a vocal instructor.

But it is important to realize that the female falsetto only means that a voice is more feminine. And as a result, it does not mean that a person is going to end up with a more feminine voice, but that is a matter of personal taste and attitude.

Finally, it should be noted that there are some male singers who play a female falsetto (such as Michael Jackson). And sometimes it is a mistake that a musician plays a female falsetto, not that a singer plays a female falsetto, because the singer who performs a female falsetto has a different role in a singer’s performance that can become an advantage as the performer progresses. If a female falsetto does make a singer

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