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Can you, as a result of the tree’s natural processes, use the wood for anything except its own destruction: an incinerator, or an instrument of terror? Could you make a weapon from the pulp of the pine, or from the wood of the forest? Would, in other words, the pine be a useful wood? Of course it would be. Even for the destruction of a civilization.

In the end, the pine can be used only as a fuel in a machine that will destroy. Once it has done so, you don’t give it back.
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One of the biggest hits of the new album, “The War on Drugs,” isn’t the new track “Wildflower,” the new album’s most successful, but rather the song “Falling In Love.” That song and the album’s second single, “In America,” both reached the Billboard Top Ten, which has been extremely impressive for this band. Now frontman Danny Brown says that his next album, which is scheduled for a September release, is “the one about drugs” at the expense of “real music.”

Last week, the Chicago Tribune published an interview with Brown and the title of the second album is “Stoner,” which is also a title that seems to be the title of a new song. Brown and his former band, the Roots, have announced a new album to be released on September 20th that has a title that sounds a lot like “The War on Drugs.” So maybe this is indeed a title for a new album. In the interview, Brown said, “The War on Drugs is me trying to make something interesting out of this whole mess of a culture. The only way we can do that is by creating a new narrative. I don’t even want it to be about drugs. I don’t mean that in a bad way. To me drugs are just just something you have in this life.”

The next time you hear a bunch of white people talking about race, it may not sound as much like a political correctness or a call to action and more like a bunch of people who are upset about hearing people of color talk about race.

That was the case Saturday at the University of Tennessee, where white people decided to organize a white-activism symposium and then march with signs that told people of color not to talk.

In an interview Thursday, university president Jimmy Clements said he understood protesters’ concerns about what they perceived as a lack of transparency in terms of meeting the campus community’s expectations for

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