Do vocal nodules hurt? – How To Learn Singing Notes Bavarois

Nodules in vocal chords make your voice stronger (which is good). But if they hurt too much, they may make it hard to sing. The best course of action is to get them examined by a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) and to start medication if necessary.

I heard in a movie that one of my “voiceless” sisters-in-law was a voice coach. Do I need a coach?

Voice coaches may be helpful for people who want their voice to be more naturally controlled. But in general, we don’t promote using your voice coach’s voice coach-style training methods because this would be too extreme and might backfire. You might find that your voice coach can be helpful. You can reach out for help if you don’t feel comfortable working with a voice coach for you.

Can singing with my voice coach hurt?

Yes. We recommend using a voice coach’s voice coach-style training to help promote healthy sounds: Don’t change pitch or cadence during the training sessions. (We would never recommend doing anything else that would do harm to a patient’s voice.)

Can I tell you more about being a voice coach?
This is a GREAT site for basic beginning music. I use this ...

Being a voice coach is a full-time job and requires lots of travel. Most voice coaches work with a clients through phone, video, or email meetings where they can learn about their goals and needs. To find a voice coach:

Look for a voice coaches’ websites on professional websites. Ask them to put your question or concern into an email to them. Then check with your phone. Some voice coaches have a website with phone numbers — call them if you want to get a face-to-face consultation. In your search, be careful of sites that don’t tell you the difference between a speaker and a teacher.

Find a voice coach through our listings in the professional community, including our members on LinkedIn and Google+.

Look through our List of Certified and Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists.

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