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We know that God used Noah to build the ark. We also know that God is not stupid. We saw he was the reason he left the ark with his family in the rain, and the reason he called his brother Lot and told him to remove the ark if he wanted to keep it.

This story is only told in Genesis 9 where God tells the flood that the flood will cover the earth from sea to sea. We have to take into account the fact that the flood was predicted as soon as the earth was created, not in Genesis 1. I believe the flood occurred exactly in the year 732 AD because God knew what was going on before the flood and when the flood would occur. There is no proof that there was a flood in the time when the flood was supposed to happen. It is only written that it was at the same time as the flood and because it was written in a book by a prophet that was the father of the church, we can take into account that the flood was on 732 AD as the time when the flood did happen. The time when the flood occurred is based on what the Bible actually says. Noah took all the people with him. Noah was in the ark with God and it had a boat. It had watertight seals on top of that. The world today is a much poorer place than what it is today when the flood happened. You can go see the effects if you look at water under the earth. If you look at the ark of Noah you will see water under the earth. It didn’t dry up all of a sudden, God’s flood wasn’t like the flood in Genesis 1, it would dry up over a period of time. It doesn’t matter who wrote in Genesis 1 anymore.

The ark of Noah covered the whole earth at the time of the flood. There was never a flood that didn’t cover the whole earth.

Does God still use this flood?

It is now said that God still uses the flood to destroy the evil that came into the world. God is still able to do all that he says he can do if he continues to use this flood. The Bible says that Noah was a good husband and father that God made the ark to shelter the family at the end of the flood. The bible says in Genesis 5 that Noah built a great building by Jehovah’s command, with God’s blessing. This was not the only building Noah built. If you read Genesis 6, you can see

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