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Is it the sound the plane makes when it comes through the clouds? The pitch makes sure you know the pitch of the song the music is playing. How does this relate to the idea of pitch?

Pitch and the Brain

Pitch affects your brain in a variety of different ways, including how the muscles in your ears and face work. It also shapes your emotions when listening to music. You probably know how the human tongue makes sound. But there is another part of your brain that plays a big part in how music works. It’s called the limbic system—the emotional portion of your brain.

While singing, you can feel it in your ears. This is what it’s like when the song is played—as a whole. Now, let’s take it a bit farther. It’s the limbic system that really shapes how music works for you. It sends signals to your motor, facial, and other parts of your brain. It also makes you feel different when you hear someone else’s music. The emotions feel very different.

One example of this is people are usually less interested in music when compared to when playing a video game. They are much more relaxed. We also have a lot more experience playing instruments in our lives because we’ve been doing it since age 3. So most of us have a lot of memories of playing instruments before we were even aware of how our bodies and ears worked.

So let’s talk about pitch. The limbic system of your brain, the part that makes different sounds, influences how you feel about your emotions while listening to music.
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Pitch is influenced by all of these things. Here are a few.


Your body, your inner voice, your emotional reactions to the world. A lot of feelings are affected by what the music is playing. You might know that the melody makes you feel happy; the way the melody moves and bends to your own liking makes you feel happy.

Musically, it’s interesting if I tell you this. There are only three of four chords, and the melody is very short. So if you play with it, it’s not very difficult to pick up that note. The other thing is, when you are playing with a guitar, the notes come naturally—a little bit of a hitch, but nothing that’s too distracting. The bass is very natural, and that’s one of the reasons bass music is popular in today’s entertainment scene. You can get away with making

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