What is pitch made of? – How To Learn English Speaking At Home For Beginners

I use two words to describe pitch:

Harshness of tone, and

Warmness , and

, and Sweetness , and

, and Complexity .

What is harshness?

Harshness is the perception that a word makes a person cringe. The word is made up of a mixture of the three other descriptors, warm, pleasing, and smooth. Harshness is not always bad, but it is a bit overused. Harshness does not mean it sucks, but if you start calling something “harsh” you’re probably doing it wrong.

How does warmness sound?

Warmness is the perception of a warm heart, an agreeable heart, a sweet heart [the heart of the soul]. If you think it is too warm, you sound too chipper.

How does sweetness sound?

Sweetness is the perception of a good heart, or a pleasant heart, or of one that is just right. If it is too sweet, you sound too romantic.

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There is a new world in the US, a world that is increasingly ruled by the power of technology over the economic and political will of elected politicians. That world, described in the New Yorker, is “the Age of the Network.” It was written by David Carr in 2009, and is being put to the test by Donald Trump.

The new “network” is driven by a single source—the internet itself. The internet was forged in the crucible of US politics and culture as a conduit for politics and culture, both political and cultural. What it isn’t is an independent source of power, an independent source of economic power, an independent source of political power. It is not that the “net” provides it, but its users provide it. The “network” is shaped by the culture of its users. The people who use the internet do so to participate in the culture, and they do this in many ways, from reading what other users have posted, to sharing their own opinions, to voting. Their involvement allows the internet its power. In other words, people don’t simply join the internet by buying a piece of it, but through participating in the culture of the internet, as it has created it.

Carr’s article opens like this: “After a century of mass

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