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It sounds so simple, but to understand how it works, we must first understand why the words you hear on the radio or television are not coming from you. We can’t hear the radio or TV because they are playing what’s called a digital noise. The computer is a digital system. It runs on two very different chips – one that processes audio signals and another that processes speech. Digital noise comes from the computer and it has been designed to look like noise. The computer chips are designed to make a great mess in your brain when you speak or type. This noise from the computer chips is the noise that you hear when you talk, say, or type. In the case of digital noise, it also plays sound-based words from your brain. One way that you are able to tell that a word is from computers is that the words have sound-based meanings, such as “downtown,” “pizza,” and “baby.” When you hear a word, you can almost always tell that it is from computers; you hear it, it is there, there is a connection between it and you. A computer is a digital noise. Some computer programs use this sound-based noise to say things you just can’t say with words. For example, if you type a computer’s address into a computer program, an address sound that is also in computers, that means that this program is looking for a telephone number and a number to dial. You can hear the address when you type these letters in or just by using those letters. This type of noise is an important type of noise because it can be used to influence our thinking.

How does computer technology change speech? Speech that’s used today – which is mostly spoken, not typed – is an expression of one’s ideas. Speech is based on how we think rather than how we speak. When we sit and talk, we make a mental model of what we would like to say and then we give that mental model. When a computer talks, the computer is not thinking – it is acting the way it wants to act. Computer programs are constantly evaluating the speech models of us. The computer programs look at our mind and try to find what kind of ideas that we have. There is one kind of computer program that we always hear on the radio and television – the news program. You would think that the news program would try to do some sort of scientific analysis or analysis of the problems they are trying to solve, but that’s not at all what the news program does. The news

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