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Can I remove the cover and set-up the receiver as soon as the receiver is in position?

Yes, the cover is removable.

I’m getting a bad signal on my receiver. Is there an application that can fix it?

No, there is no service bulletin or replacement part.

I’m not getting any signal from my receiver and a friend has a good quality receiver. Will I be missing out on any of my television packages?

No, you will not be missing out.

How come I can’t see/hear my TV on the set-up screen?

Some set-ups can only see only a small amount of your picture in comparison to other displays. Make sure that the TV is properly mounted on the set-up monitor. Otherwise, it may not be possible to select the appropriate channel.

Are there any special conditions for getting a new VCR? And are there any limitations?

There is no technical barrier that restricts a buyer from entering into a contract for a new VCR and acquiring a new TV. However, the seller is responsible for making sure that all the above conditions are satisfied before the buyer can make out and signature the sales contract or check the invoice. Also, please note that you will not be able to change the TV in the new VCR until the VCR is delivered to you.

I can’t figure out why the TV is spinning faster and I can’t use the remote control for my computer! Is this normal with TVs?

If your TV is unable to be used by the purchaser because of technical problems, the sellers are free to either cancel or return the TV or, in the worst case scenario, send you a new unit.

How old is the VCR I purchased?

VCRs are made to last and are generally made of plastic that can deteriorate quickly. Do not use your VCR if its plastic casing has cracks. Do not use your VCR if its case has worn holes or the wiring has become loose.

You can find more information on the VCR FAQ page by typing ‘VCR’ in the search box at the top right of the site.

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