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I’ll let you know the most important things if you want, but first a little background information about me: I am 27 years old and love to learn something new every day. When not practicing, I work on the most important project that I have – my next guitar album. The other day I was in the studio and I found the guitar that I use often the most, which is my Fender Stratocaster.

If you had to pick which type of guitar player you are, which one would it be?

There are many types of players and I really like them all. The one that I like most is the one who listens to the classics and can keep up a good story – which is pretty easy to do. When it comes time that is what I listen to. I like it because it’s not easy to tell a story like that from just an instrument – sometimes you just need to practice.

What is your role at Sound On Sound Studio?

It’s the director and the main producer of the project – I’m an arranger, composer, arranger for piano as well as orchestral work and producer. I worked for many years at Sound On Sound Studio and I just came up with the idea recently that is is a good place where you can work with a studio, a band and musicians of high quality.

Which instrument do you use the most?

My other favorite is a Roland SP-303 electric guitar. The original version is a beautiful instrument with great tone.

What inspires you the most?

I always listen to different styles of music and it’s true what they say, music is always the best stimulus. It stimulates the brain and the imagination and lets you express things you never thought possible. For my songs the inspiration in it is more inspired by a specific song. Sometimes I write an interesting concept for a song on the radio as I hear it or listen to the radio during work and think – I could use that in the song. I find that it’s really nice with sound.

What are the challenges of making a debut album compared to other project you worked on?

I think the challenge is that you know what you are trying to do, but also you may not know how to do it, maybe because you are already a musician and have been working for a long time. Some songs I can do right away, some I have to practice a long time for them to come out well. I don’t regret

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