How do you sing for beginners?

In the beginning, you sing in a way which is easy and comfortable, with great confidence. It is true that people who sing for beginners do not have good sound. You may have to learn and practice a couple of different ways to sing a specific style (this may involve practicing or rereading the song lyrics over and over). As you become more confident in yourself, you can start to sing in situations where you are more comfortable and in a different style.

How do you improve your singing?

When you are in a learning mode, it is very helpful to sing the song you would like to learn in a different style. You can practice this by singing some easy songs by different composers, or by learning a few new tunes or new vocal styles from a friend or a teacher.

How do you improve your vocal techniques?

Practise your technique with a teacher and practice using the same technique every time you are in the right position. If the music moves around you or you need to change the rhythm or pitch, you will find it easier to do so if you practice with your teacher on a similar rhythm using the same technique. Always try to think about and practice different ways to sing to find the rhythm and pace that you are comfortable with. For more information contact Tom Waggoner at

You can watch this video which illustrates some of these points

The music is the foundation of all singing from this point on.

To learn how to sing the music of a musical theatre act, listen to the song you are interested in. Do this a couple of times while you are listening. It will quickly become second nature to your ears. Practice each part of the music in different ways to really explore the tone, rhythm and feel of each part.

Don’t make your job too easy or you will lose your enthusiasm. You could also change your tune from time to time, but this is not necessary unless it is a serious piece of music.

Always try and sing as you hear the music in context and in the voice – this should be very difficult for any beginner, but very easy if you are already good at this. Once you start singing, you will find yourself singing in a different style every time and you will be able to make better decisions in your interpretation.

If you don’t have a teacher or teacher that can sing the music, take a course from a reputable musical theatre