What percent of the population can sing?

About 3 percent, I would bet. It’s in the 2 percent range on a good day. But we’re way off on the other end. Even the most educated Americans sing at about half that level.

And there’s a whole other factor here, right? All of a sudden the idea that there’s an invisible army of Americans, out there making up the missing percentage? Well no. The invisible army that could be listening to this is not listening to it. It’s actually just listening to the media.

One of the things you’ll hear, if you listen carefully, in the mainstream media, especially the conservative movement, is the idea that there’s a national voting bloc that can never be found. They’re making that claim because the voting bloc is the conservative movement and the conservative movement’s agenda, which is very conservative. And the more you understand the ideology, the better able you’ll be to understand that voter.

And so the idea of a hidden “silent majority” that’s not paying attention is the real hidden majority. These are not just people who have been lulled into believing that they’re part of the invisible enemy, that the invisible enemy is really “out there” with us. It’s people who really haven’t been paying attention, that are just following the agenda that’s been laid out for them by the left. SingMasters Magic Sing Hindi Karaoke Player,4025 Hindi ...

When you read about Donald Trump’s upcoming interview with Bill O’Reilly, you might think his comments on women were one in a series of comments he has made over the years about their appearance. Not so.

One of his biggest concerns, he says, is female “ugliness,” and not in a sexual or harassing way, but because women’s bodies are unattractive: “When you look at beautiful women, they’re always—they always intimidate me…they have to have the hair and the makeup to get a man … I want to fuck ’em, I don’t want to fuck ’em.”

This is something that has been repeatedly referenced by Trump and his campaign staff in interviews since Election Day, including in a tweet from November of last year which read, “They’re all unattractive,” in all caps. During one of his Republican primary debates earlier this year, Trump was asked about the way young women look. Trump said at the time: “You have to get really attractive women to go on board.”

Then there was this exchange on CNN’s “State of the Union” in December; when asked the difference between a