How many hours can you sing? – Warming Up Exercises Before Singing

“I’ll keep performing until I get hurt.

“I’ll be a big deal.”

How did it get to these words?

“When I started singing, I didn’t know what a voice should be like—it was my first time. Then my first job in a club.

“I just felt how I wanted to sound like an angel singer, but that wasn’t me.

“So my dream was to get a big commercial record deal, but I needed to learn how to sing.

“Once I started, I was able to sing whatever I wanted.”

Did an idol like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera ever come to mind when you were singing?
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“I’d love to try. She’s really beautiful, but I don’t think you can sing like her with all your strength!”

You can see that singing style of yours in this scene from “Love It or List It,” where you’re a pop singer singing to a crowd (and then she bursts into song). I love it. It reminds me of my boy band days. But it’s my dream, too: to be like Britney or Christina.

How do you feel about how your singing is perceived?

“I’ve never experienced any backlash, not even from people who love my music, so I think it’s fine by me. I think the public’s perception is kind of messed up, but I’m in the same situation as the girl who sang “Trouble Now.” I was a pop singer too—I wanted to make people see me but wasn’t a pop singer. There are so many people who want to sing like me—and I love how my voice fits into pop culture’s culture. So I think it’s a positive to be a pop singer, but I was happy, like, six or seven years when I made a pop record, because I felt like, ‘Yeah, but I don’t want to do a pop record.'”

Has your music ever been sampled?

“Of course—like in “One of Us.” [They] never sampled anyone! I don’t think I’ve heard anything from them. I’m totally a girl at heart!”

I think it’s because of how I look.

“When I look in the mirror, I look like a girl.”

Would you ever want to cover a Michael Jackson song?

“No, definitely not. It

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