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Answers to common questions about a possible U.S.-Russia alliance and a possible strike on Syria.

Q: How would Secretary of State John Kerry know if a strike were imminent against Syrian President Bashar Assad?

A: He would know if his boss and his boss’s boss said they were planning to bomb Damascus because it represents the United States’ right to protect its interests in our region or in the Middle East. That would be a very clear statement of a U.S. position about a looming attack.

Q: Why would the Pentagon have to give it so much warning?

A: The administration has already committed to getting Assad, Russia, Iraq … and the Iranians on board to combat terror; that’s what they said they were going to do in the spring. So the goal is to put together a coalition that’s prepared to fight ISIS, which, to be able to understand that Assad is not a partner, the best way to get him to see the logic in a way that makes him think, well, maybe you’re not the best partner of all.
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Q: Why would the Iranians not want a military strike if it is so devastating for Assad with their own military and their own air force, at least in the short term?

A: Well, they were going to do it anyway and they will probably do it again after this. They’ll just keep doing it and do so much damage to the Syrian people, so that he can’t come back after that. I really don’t think it’s wise to be going to war with them, and I think they have the right to do what they want with their own military without regard for anything that happens in the Middle East or abroad.

Q: In the wake of Monday’s chemical strikes, did the Pentagon think about the possibility of a strike from a Turkish position?

A: Yes.

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