Is it haram to be a singer? – Teach Yourself To Sing


The answer is “yes.”

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The fact that the Prophet Muhammad was singing while he was in the midst of the battles in Mecca at the time of his death is a matter of great dispute. Some Muslim scholars argue that it was haram to sing in a place of war, and that such a practice should be rejected. [8]

However, when the Prophet Muhammad heard him singing, he became so moved that he began to chant Allah’s verses, and his friends joined him in chanting. He also took part in the battle song. [9]

This practice of singing for the purpose of praising Allah is known as “Sufiyyah” (singing). It appears during a period when a believer would be in deep spiritual thought and prayer.

Sufiyyah in Islam: What about the other singing?

Sufiyyah also appears before, during and after the battle of Uhud. The Prophet Muhammed also sang while he was praying before the battle of Uhud in 622 CE, and performed it as he was lying on the ground at the conclusion of prayer on the occasion of his death. [10]

After the Prophet died, two Sufi poets called Rabi’ ibn ‘Abd Allah (may Allah mercy him and grant him peace) and Muqaddam Abu-Hakam al-Mulla (may Allah mercy him and grant him peace) wrote a book on the musical art called Musaylimah. It contains poetry in ten cantos, and was published in 1640 CE. It is said to contain verses such as the following: And when the Prophet came from the garden of Uhud, he was seen in the middle of his prayer. His feet were bare; his hair was tied back by string, and he had the same manner of dress as that of the people of his age, the dress being a long cloak like the garment in the morning. And his face was sunk down. But he was a person of high religion, for it pleased him to recite the Qur’an. His voice was as if it were in the air, but not as the voices of other men, for he said (in a poetic manner), “I have been with the Prophet and he has taught me, and I do that for him so that he may feel secure.” And when he had finished his prayer, he called for the people to stand up, and one of them said, ‘We have met the Prophet

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