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:- Pardon.”

“And this is a good note, Pardon.”

“And these are good letters.”

The poor man was quite indignant. He got out his letter-book and took up the paper he had given to my father.

“But my dear father, there’s nothing wrong with your daughter. I never had any quarrel with her.”

“You may say so, for you seem so sorry; so sorry, indeed! She’s a brave, honourable girl.”

“It is a strange thing what fate makes women like. As she has no lover in the world, she is a woman of her own.”

“It can happen that an angel, or a devil, or a sorcerer, or an astrologer, and so on, should be made to love a girl.”

“Yes, or a dead man, if she are wise,” said my father.

“Why, then,” said the poor man, “I am still a fool, I never came to love her before.”

“Do you think that, Father?” asked my father, when he had finished his story, “she was deceived by some strange, and false gods in heaven or on earth? She didn’t even know who her father was, and that he was poor and sickly, and that some unknown being—maybe even you, Father—had given her all sorts of advice. I don’t think her heart was deceived.”

“Yes, I suppose she was deceived,” said my father. “She has been thinking about you a long time.”

“Oh yes, she has spent a long time thinking about you, Father; about you and your health, about your children, about your old age, or your sickness; you know the rest. When she gets quite old she wishes to go back and see you again. As to whether or no she does get up again, I cannot say—though she may do so in another year or two. You must understand that I have been a poor lad when you left us, Father.”

“Yes; and you were a poor lad, too.”

“Yes, I was a poor lad.”

“And you have been a rich man, and you would do anything you pleased, so it is difficult for anyone to keep your heart from her. She wants to see you, and you have a wonderful love for her.”

“I know what love

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