Is it haram to be a singer? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Notes Cartoons


The answer is no. There is an opinion that no singer or performer in the Church should perform any song except what is in the Holy book of God.

Q: What role does the musical industry play in the life of a Muslim?


The Muslim is obligated to have music in his life, even if it is not the most beautiful or is for the least of the people among mankind. The Prophet Joseph said in a hadith: “Whoever will not do his prayer (i.e.: fast, fasted and pray the Fajr for each prayer) with his voice, then let him take a lyre.” (Reported by Abu Dawood).

Q: Does anyone have right to play the music in the Church?


Yes. The prophet said: “Whoever does not play the Music of God and makes the prayer in a loud voice will not be able to enter Paradise and he will have eternal life in Hell. Whoever plays the Music of God and does not worship them, or is not a believer in God, will meet his end (i.e.: the Hell).” (Reported by Ahmad) The Prophet also said: “Whoever will not worship the Holy Books, the angels and the saints, the angels will be in awe of his face, and his prayer will not be accepted.”

Q: Is there any good or any evil that is said to be spoken with musical instruments?


The musical instruments are used on all occasions, from one to three in each group. Also, the people make some use of the words that are spoken by singing. The Prophet said: “We hear your singing and find you saying the same things every day.”
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Q: Who has the right to play the musical instruments?


Someone at every period of the day.

Q: Does someone have rights to play the instruments in the Church?



Q: What are the rights that go with playing?


A person may play the musical instruments but he must worship them as God has revealed in several Hadiths or traditions that people may pray from. Therefore in these traditions, a person plays the harp in the presence of God while God’s prayers are sung, and in the presence of Allah, Allah’s praise is sung in the words.

Q: What rights go with the playing of

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