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The current CCSF proposal goes to $300 million – more than seven times what is needed to create the system it seeks.

The proposed price tag for the four-year contract, and the amount required to fund it, is higher than the $1 billion proposed by the agency’s chief technology officer to date.

“If the proposal goes forward, you have the ability to pay a whole lot more from our perspective than is required,” said Bill McGuire, the agency’s chief technology officer. “If we do this in a way where we don’t need to rely on borrowing, then that money would be put back into the system in a much better way.”

The proposal, which calls for eight new CCSF sites, takes aim at how the nation spends taxpayer dollars. In April, the agency’s new director, Jeff Schuster, told senators that it was time for Congress to “stop spending the public’s money for another five years and start spending our money responsibly, so that we don’t continue to have to fund these costly projects and the CCSF programs we have today.

“Congress must set a long-term goal for all of our transportation infrastructure – and the current CCSF model can and must be part of that strategy,” he added.

Consequently, the cost of the proposed contract is based on the number of new CCSF sites it believes are needed to address the projected population growth. While the agency cites the anticipated 20 million new vehicles on U.S. roadways over the next 20 years, the proposal would have eight sites, which would require $400 million. Currently, the agency has only 11 CCSF sites, meaning it will need a total of $832.7 million of which $400 million could come from borrowed money under the current proposal.

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