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Liquid was one of five possible outcomes that a pilot devised to simulate the type of conditions found at a launch during a launch abort.

The five outcomes included “stabilized” launch (no-go), “saturation” launch (fail), “fractional” launch (hit a critical percentage of the vehicle’s fairing), “fractional” abort – a full abort; and “partial” abort – a partial abort where some of the propellant is spilled as the launch vehicle passes through to the atmosphere.

In the case of the fractional abort, in which there is partial burn through the vehicle’s first stage and the vehicle is thrown out of control on a collision course with the ground before falling back. In the case of the partial fail, where all propellant is consumed in the first stage.

Pitches were recorded along with the type of launch configuration: inertial, rocket, liquid, solid or thrust vector control. The pitch record was then compared to the thrust vector record.

Figure 1 – A model of Launch Vehicle Launch Accident (LRVA) with pitch record.

The results of the analysis suggested the following:

(A) The failure of the third stage of the Soyuz rocket was to fall back, which was a “partial abort” and resulted in a large drop in vehicle weight. The descent rate dropped from a planned altitude of 400 metres to about 140 metres per second when the ground sensors identified “an abort of the Soyuz 3-0 launch”.

(B) There was a significant impact from the rocket and its lower stages on the ground, which in turn impacted on the third stage vehicle with the loss of control.

(C) The engine failure during the second phase of the launch was not identified by ground sensors.

(D) The lower stage failed and disintegrated onto the pad and the landing module at a low speed. No fuel was recovered from the pad. Onboard engines were destroyed, but the booster module was intact and still on course for a landing at the launch area.

(E) The failure of the upper stage of the Soyuz 3-1 launch of the Progress MS-07 resulted in a large thrust vector-controlled parachute deployment as the vehicle descended back towards the runway.

(F) The crew had no chance to land the vehicle. The second leg of the landing was aborted on the ground, and the mission was abandoned.

To investigate further the authors used

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