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I am looking for times when a player went on a run of at least 100 runs and scored at least 3000 runs and did at least 30 half-centuries. To get this data, I searched for the player’s team’s list of half-centuries scored and calculated their run-score average. I then divided this score by the number of half-centuries they scored. Since there are around 5,000 total data points, I used the standard deviation to compute the average per number that is a perfect 1.0 on the standard deviation scale. This means that I use the standard deviation scale to get the average run-score of a player that had over 100 runs scored. For example, a player with 10 runs scored with 100 runs scored, 10 half-centuries, and 3000 runs scored is an average of 2.12 per run scored [10 x 100,0/3000], or in plain English, 1.13.

How do I get this information?
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This information is found in a player’s data sheet, which typically has a page with the name/phone number of the player. The player’s data sheet gives the player’s first name, the year he was born, the team he played for, a listing of his first/last name, and his current team. To get this information, I ran a spreadsheet that collects data from all of the available data points. After all of these data, I computed the average run-score for a player with 100 runs scored and 30 half-centuries, giving me a run-score of 2.2 per run scored. This run-score is then multiplied by the number of half-centuries each player scored to get the number of half-centuries that he has scored. This is similar to how one would calculate a player’s average run-score using the standard deviation scale.

How do I calculate runs scored using the half-centuries?

The formula used to calculate runs scored uses all of the other information I’ve listed above and then takes the average of the runs to get the runs scored. This number is then multiplied by half-centuries and divided by 5,000 to get the number of half-centuries that a player has scored.

Why is the batting order important for runs scored?

Because runs score better with the lead hitter and worse when the lead hitter is batting second. The batting order below should help give you a starting lineup that scores at least 3 runs per game.

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