Is Tar man made?

Tar men were a race originating on the planet Tarus. They were an insectile race. Their physical appearance was that of insects. They had six legs with a large, insect-like head, and no arms. Their wings were also insect-like in shape but smaller in size. The only thing that differed between the insect and human is skin color.

Tar humans were very primitive in appearance. They possessed little intelligence in order to live in a primitive world. Their culture was very crude and primitive. The Tarans were very angry the aliens called themselves humans. Their warlike nature and arrogance was something that was a source of fear and embarrassment for the Tarans.

Some Tarans called themselves the “Fury.” Their name was actually derived from a word in their language, “fury”. The Fury was a warrior race that would have taken over Tarus if the humans had not intervened and destroyed the Taran homeworlds. It is implied that these people were intelligent and were capable of civilization or science. One myth says that they were the earliest known alien species to exist; this is supported by the Taran language.

Was Tar the first alien species to be known before them?

No, and no more than every other alien race before them. The Tarans are not the first known alien species. In fact, it is believed that no other alien species would have had an existence as complex or developed as that of these aliens. To believe that they were the first is akin to believing that mankind was the first to discover the Earth. There were many other advanced civilizations and species before the Tarans existed.

Were there other alien races in the Milky Way Galaxy before the Tarans?

There were several other early alien races in the Milky Way Galaxy, many of which have not been discovered. It is believed that the most recent alien species may have already reached their home galaxy. However, there is no evidence that they have yet arrived on the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy.
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