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If you want to see some interesting charts this morning, just read on.
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Apple’s earnings announcement, which they shared on the most advanced iPad ever, is the subject of two very interesting and interesting charts.

First, you might be asking: why am I looking at Apple’s profits? Well, Apple makes a lot of money, but the chart below is just the beginning of the story. It shows the cumulative effect of all the things Apple (and Microsoft) have done for iPad in the last few years.

Here are a couple of things to take note of:

1. Google has become an iPad monopoly

The top three countries where iPad shipments are made are Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. In some of the most important markets outside of those three countries, Apple is in a commanding position and dominates. You see this clearly in the chart below. Apple makes it much, much harder for non-Apple devices to compete with iPads.

Also, in the chart below, you’ll see that most of the revenue for Apple comes from selling the iPad. If you look at that chart again, you’ll notice that just one country, India — a large and important user — makes up almost all the revenue from the iPad. The rest of the world isn’t so important to Apple — China is a larger part of its business than is India, for example — so you’ll notice in the chart below that its revenue from the iPad is much less than it was five years ago.

2. Apple’s iOS revenue is nearly equal to its Windows revenues

Apple is making a lot of money off its iPhone, which is the market that it is best known for, but it’s also making a lot of money out of its new iPad. If you know anything about Apple, you know that the iPhone is the biggest market in terms of revenue, and the iPad is at the other end of the spectrum. If you’re looking into whether it’s the iPad that has the larger market share, the answer is yes.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking into whether iPhone is the market you want to target, you’ll get an even higher answer. On the Apple Watch, iOS revenue is almost equal to that of both Windows and Android, and it is also less than Android. So if you want to target Windows revenue, you’d have to look for a Mac first. Apple’s iPad revenue isn’t so much the market