What is a semi tone in music? – Learn How To Sing For Beginners Hindi

A mini tone, in fact, if you know what I am talking about.

The mini tone is actually a bit easier to explain, I promise. It is just like a little more, softer, smaller, slightly more pronounced treble or bass in your instrument. To use a simple analog analogy, you can take a treble guitar, and you add a little more weight to it at the top of the strings. At the same time, the instrument gets a little bit less sharp and a little bit more bright. Sounds pretty similar to a guitar. For guitar playing, a mini tone is the same thing!

Okay, so now that we understand the mini tone, let’s talk a bit about using it to spice up your guitar playing. It sounds great, and works well in almost all genres of music, but I want to give this lesson some more background information.

Why Use a Mini Tone?

When choosing to use a mini tone is a big decision. One of the most common reasons is that it is more “musical”. Not because you don’t have to use the tone, but because it is a lot more effective at getting your guitar playing to where you want it to be.

Here are some examples of when to use mini-tones:

The mini-tone can add a bit of color to the tone and make your playing more vivid.

In an instrumental song, the bass is playing with great effect at times.

Or maybe you have a heavy blues song with a lot of low end. If you add a little bass and treble, you can bring out the low notes and make the song sound so much bigger.

In a rock/metal song, the bass is playing very well.

You can make guitar parts sound more “jangly” and “real” with a small bass.

You can add a little bass tone to a blues guitar part as well, so you get the bluesy/flanged sound.

You can mix up the volume and tone a bit. For example, let’s say, you find the middle 5th of the guitar you like, and you are happy that your bass plays up there, but you hate the 4th or 5th. If you add a bit of “treble” or “bass”, you get the guitar parts that you like best.

Finally, when it is time to change the volume, add a mini-tone.

The Bottom

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