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I think it meant no problem as long as you knew what you were talking about and could explain it to your readers. In other words, if I couldn’t explain the definition to you, I would try to understand what it meant to explain perfect pitch to all of you, because it took so many people to define it. And my advice is that you should do even that. You would get help, if you need it. I would get help, if you really need it. That is not the purpose of this blog, to help you to figure out what perfect pitch means in layman’s terms, but to get people to understand what perfect pitch means and what you might learn from them through their experience.”

That’s what people often end up thinking when I share these ideas: if I wrote in the “normal” way, I’d be talking about the perfect pitch of the English language. This is an absurd idea. It’s the idea that because I am not the author, I can’t understand anything that you are talking about unless somebody tells me what it means in the normal way. My blog is about listening to and asking questions about other people’s experiences, and I invite you to do the same – asking questions and sharing your own experiences.

It is not the aim of this blog to give me tips to help you understand my books. It is merely to be an open and receptive forum where you can share your thoughts and opinions. What I think the ideal “perfect pitch” should be is one that is interesting and accessible to everyone – a pitch that anyone can understand, read, and relate to, even though they may not be able to articulate it in the traditional English way. This is one way we can make the world a better place.
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I know many of my readers will go right out and try to translate what I have said by reading the comments section, so it is important to know that those people are not trying to help me to write more books. They just want to see what I can do with the medium I am employed in. I respect that.

So here is the blog post I’m going to write: a more technical, scholarly, and helpful blog post about perfect pitch and how you can use that definition when you are using other techniques in the language.

Please make this the next post in this series. I want to be sure people get the idea before I write a longer blog post and I will post an update to this blog post. I’ll update the blog

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