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Drop pitch is a measurement of pitch when a pitch has a lower number of pitches than a pitch of the same pitch but at the same position. In other words, the pitch that is at the lower position of the pitch.

For example; if a pitch has the number 3 pitches and a pitch at the lower position has 2 pitches the pitch that has 2 pitches (3 pitches) have a pitch-drop of 8.

For more ideas for a great drop pitch test, check out our free drop pitch test and also check out our complete drop pitch chart.

(Reuters) – The owner of the bankrupt Chicago-based manufacturer of the now-liquidation medical marijuana company Tweed Inc says he expects the company will come up with around $15 million to $19 million in profit within 12 months of being liquidated.

Jeffrey Zacks, owner (L) and CEO of Tweed Inc., speaks during an interview with Reuters in Chicago, Illinois May 16, 2013. REUTERS/Jim Young

Jeffrey Zacks, the sole shareholder left when CEO Johnnie Moore left in March, made the comments to Reuters during a recent phone interview, just days after the marijuana-infused products company filed for bankruptcy protection.

After a federal jury late last month found that Tweed should be liquidated, Zacks said he expected the company would emerge on the other side with approximately $35 million in combined profits, according to a transcript of the conversation made available to Reuters. He did not return a call.

The former CEO said he expects the first $15 million to $19 million of the remaining $29 million to be split up among investors as early as this week, after which he expects to receive a letter from the court that will direct what shares to sell.

At that point, Zacks expects the shareholders to put in around $15 million to $19 million, he told Reuters, noting that he plans to put up most or all of the remaining $29 million himself, though he does not plan to sell the rest of the company’s stock.

“As far as I can tell at this point, I am in a position at least to sell, for sure,” Zacks said.

While Zacks said he does not expect the liquidation to force him out of his role at Tweed, he said he had recently discussed the possibility with shareholders.

The company’s stock recently tumbled around 15 percent as the federal government announced a temporary moratorium on

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