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Answer The question refers to semitones as units of pitch. A pitch above 1 semitone is called a C or D major, while a pitch below 1 semitone is called an E or F minor. That’s all for today. We’ll see another question before we return to the main topic, which is the difference between major and minor as discussed in A Different Sound.

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For most, one day is quite busy and one day may seem endless. This is also true for business owners, and for a man who does not really exist. For him, every day is a new experience.

But if this is the case, then what is business day like for Mr. Miyamoto Shinobu?

Mr. Miyamoto Shinobu is a multi-millionaire who is an entrepreneur in the vein of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In addition, Mr. Miyamoto is the CEO of Nippon Animation Co., Ltd. (NDMC), the parent company of Nintendo.

The three-hour video was shot in his office at NDMC, the office of Miyamoto Shinobu, a key element of the video, which is to be screened on the NDMC Mainstage on June 2. Mr. Miyamoto is in Japan for the World Museum of New Media (WMSM) and to meet with the Japanese delegation about entertainment and culture related to Japanese culture.

The video captures Mr. Miyamoto’s daily activity as a CEO and shows you his creative process as a founder of an innovative technology company. NNDMC, is the Japanese version of Disney where Mr. Miyamoto also served as president from 2000–2001.

Also in the video is Mr. Miyamoto’s creative process as a founder of an innovative technology company:

He draws the idea, develops it and then moves on to marketing and the sales. While he has the ability to create ideas, he has found that as an entrepreneur, he is more suited to selling a consumer product rather than a company or an idea.

During the development phase, Mr. Miyamoto has come up with several ideas and the creative process for each version varies from one to another.
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A key reason behind his decision making skills is his ability to balance his work life and a family life.

“During these two periods in my life, I did not get to think of my day-to-day work, nor of my family life,” he says

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