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The key of F: I know there’s a key to the world and a key that’s going to open a portal into this world. Right?

Okay, so you’ll find out who the key is and why the world is about to get destroyed. So, just so you know: you’ll be hearing the answer to that key-shaped question over and over again in the show. You may also be a participant in one of the big mysteries of A Song of Ice and Fire.

The rest of the episodes will feature answers and plot threads that have been developed between Martin and his collaborators. You don’t need to know anything about Game of Thrones before you watch “A Dance With Dragons” in the second season, though it really should be that obvious. If you do, the show will be worth your time, though you may not understand why Martin is telling you this.

“A Dance With Dragons” is set to premiere on June 16. Season 1 of “Game of Thrones” is expected to wrap in early 2012.

LONDON—The U.S. is one of the few advanced countries not to use nuclear weapons, but an accident that occurred during its nuclear tests in the 1950s is thought to have caused significant loss of life across North America.

The report from the University of South Carolina concluded that the U.S. had not used “a viable, survivable nuclear response” since 1951, and it said such weapons had also prevented significant damage in previous accidents.

The U.S. used only two weapons in 1962 and didn’t know about the U.S. nuclear test in 1964, though in fact both tests had been scheduled.

The accident is the largest nuclear weapons accident in U.S. history, as the accident triggered an explosion that caused the reactor at Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant on April 18, 1979. There was a fire that melted reactors and caused a fire and reactor explosion. Six employees died.

The study, led by retired Air Force Maj. Gen. James Gorman, said it’s now clear nuclear weapons have killed hundreds of civilians, while nuclear waste is still radioactive and remains an environmental concern, and in the future it could lead to further nuclear accidents.

For example, the report said that the U.S. has lost between 100,000 and 300,000 tonnes of highly enriched uranium, the radioactive material that helps make most of Iran’s nuclear bombs. This means, if a similar accident happens, up

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