What is the highest key to sing in?

The answer has always been “Horse”, in which the root word is used to mean “horse” – but there are other forms as well. Other variations include “Kylie”, a popular choice as “Jester”, “Sailor” and “Siren”.

Who’s the most popular male fantasy character?

You guessed it: Robin Hood. The King in Yellow has been the most popular fantasy hero – although that’s mainly due to his beard and archery skills. He’s also the most popular male protagonist of any major book, film and TV series in the world, according to Amazon. It’s no surprise Robin Hood has achieved so much popularity – it’s just a shame the rest of us have to stick with reading the books.

What is the best food?

Chicken, bacon, eggs, chips, gravy, cheese, potato and gravy. We’re going for the fried stuff, since it is one of the cheapest and most readily available ingredients. In fact, that’s probably our best bet if we were ever to try a vegetarian diet.

What is the most effective healing method?

Boil your hands with cold water for 30 seconds, and then put them back in the water and soak again for the same amount of time. A common remedy for burns is to use the hot water to thicken the wound, which will help the healing process by making it more permeable to the skin. Some people are also convinced that you’re actually curing the wound by touching your eyes or hands, and there’s a theory that this allows you to better sense its healing process.

. . . . . A couple of suggestions for your healing sessions:

A common trick used by a lot of massage practitioners is warming the area with water, and then applying cold pressure over it, which will soothe the affected area and help you feel at least a little better. You can take this trick even further, and create a little massage ball or an ointment for your hands and fingers, so that they won’t get cold. You can also create an aura around you, which will help improve your healing abilities.

What is the most accurate way to figure the exact distance from the moon to Earth?

The one thing I have learned from my travels, I can tell the precise angle to about 40 or 50 inches (1.2 to 2.5 meters), since I’ve been able to judge in my head that the full moon is between 40 and