What is the rarest female voice type?

There is only one unique female voice style, usually the higher pitch, high volume, low register variety.

The best female singers usually have some sort of sound, not necessarily vocal fatigue or the “sucking” (frivolous singing) style.

It can take up to three years to discover a voice type.

It can take up to ten years to learn about a female voice.

As to how to learn about a voice type, we are going to use vocal lessons.

For the first lesson, you will be given an audition, which you must perform as well as you can to obtain an “offer”. It will then be put to you to audition for a recording contract.

It takes time and is not a quick process.

In this case we have a song that is going to go on to have over a million hits, so we are interested to hear a singer’s singing ability so that there will be no problems when we have the opportunity to record our own songs. We will also want to know her voice type.

To learn more about what vocal qualities you will need to consider, read my next article, Vowels and pitch.

If you are interested, I have been doing vocal coaching since 1979 for all types.

In the world of sports and sports entertainment, there is a huge imbalance going on that is in direct comparison to the NFL and NBA in terms of money. The NFL has made millions of dollars that have gone straight into the pockets of the teams. The NBA? It’s about 3 percent that we know of with the rest being taken out of revenue sharing.

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On top of that, the NBA and the NFL aren’t taxed on their profits by the state that they call home because they are based in, the United States.

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