Why am I tone deaf?

I’m not. Just because something is in your head (especially when it’s a really crazy concept) doesn’t mean it’s necessarily correct. And in some cases, when it’s actually wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea anyway. The only way to fix it is to actually do the research and realize it’s not.

My wife was with us for this, and it was a really cool trip. But my wife did not go anywhere near the place or any of the things she was told to do. After she was done with the visit (we had lunch and got back to the hotel), she called me and told me exactly what was being taught that day in the hotel. I was at a real loss.

Then there was the night we were at the party. A girl showed up to our house with some really attractive guys that she wanted to go out with — but I was totally against it. I told her I liked her, I really did, but I thought she was hot and it sounded to me like she might have some trouble finding other guys. And in those first three weeks I didn’t want to do it. I don’t think I even showed my dick, and we never talked about it again…

In fact there was one night at the party where I got so angry at my wife and I are sitting there watching a video and my wife is sitting next to me and she says to me, “I think we should go outside”. And I was like, who the fuck gave you permission to go outside?! We were at an all female dance club that night and we hadn’t been in there for three weeks. I’d have yelled at her, but I was really fed up with it.

So, you should just never have sex while alone, regardless of how great it looks in the news newsfeed!

You’ve got one job, so let’s do it!
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I’ve got a full time job, but when I do my job, I do it very well, and so do most people I work with.  So you should, too. My job includes:  1.  Organizing large, multi-modal projects in a timely manner by using organized charts and lists. What exactly is organized?
Here’s a quick example:   It is not so much “listing or drawing” as it is an organizing of information that can be stored and used to make the most out of a project. The reason I am using