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I think when the singer loses control of his voice, I feel it. The singer doesn’t necessarily see this in myself. So when I see that, when I lose control, I also feel that.

Why do I sing in a monotone?

Because the melody is so important. I don’t do it to be trendy with it, but because it is my personal passion.

But it always irritates me when you change from a monotone to a solo.

I did an interview when we were in Japan and spoke about how I did it as a solo to avoid an interview. The people wanted me to take a single step back, but I just did that, and it felt like a solo. So I don’t want to do it when I’m singing in a group.

You can’t sing like a solo in a group like that.

Why not?

I don’t want to have a solo like that.

Okay, so now you have an excuse to sing in a more relaxed way. Why don’t you sing a solo for one second, please?

Because that way only comes out right now. I still have some worries in my head.

I’m worried you feel like you’re not that good, too. (laughs)

Do you think so?
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Well, I feel like I need to give it my all.

For me, I’m the same.

In my mind, whenever I’m working on a song, I can’t think about it the same way. When I’m in the moment, I can’t think about that. I always feel I’m not doing anything right. So when I’m trying new things or trying out new things, I can’t look at myself as that person. It’s impossible for me to look at myself that way.

As a singer, I do this for fun, but that doesn’t mean I’m an automaton that doesn’t think.

So when you’re not thinking about yourself, how does that affect yourself?

When I’m in a mood, I can’t think about anything else.

Even when you’re in a great mood?

I don’t like being in a great mood when I’m really feeling good.

But don’t you feel more productive when you’re in a good mood? In general?

Yes, I feel more productive.

It’s obvious there

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