How do you talk in your stomach?

You have to talk at certain times. Why do people say that “when eating is all you can think and feel, then you’re eating enough?” You know what I mean? You’re eating too many calories? I think a way of thinking of the mind, a way of thinking of the body, of the body from the gut to the stomach, from the gut to the bowels, from the bowels to the heart and from the heart to the brain. You think of all these things. You sit at the table, and you eat one little bit. It’s a little bit; that’s all you eat. You see these pictures and you think “My gosh, that’s a bowl of grapes or something.” It’s not. You eat two or three little bits. That’s all you eat. What a great way to think of your food, so to speak.

Drink lots of water—some of the greatest things are right at the water point, so it’s easy, it’s a watery experience. But as you eat, it’s like a very cold and damp place—you have to drink a lot and it’s very bitter.

It may be a bit of both. At the same time, if you’re a little more relaxed, that’s when you can really feel that you’re in a good place with your food. Sometimes you feel it when you’re drinking too much, or your water is hot. The body just wants to be warm and be on high alert—you know how in the summer and in the winter it feels like: “Oooooh! It’s too hot! We’re going too fast, you need the cool water. You can’t drink too much. Oh God!” It’s as if your temperature is in the danger zone, and all you’re doing is warming it up.

This is why when you’re eating the food you want to eat—which is what you always want to do—then you want to eat more. You really have to do that. When you’re just sitting and there’s no conversation going on, and you’re just eating, it’s a little bit more relaxed. That means more drinking and more eating.

What can you expect on the way to the toilet? It doesn’t matter because it’s going to be done. You’ve got to get to the toilet and all the time! When you’re doing some eating stuff, then it becomes very relaxing because once it’s finished, you’re going to