How do you move your mouth when talking?

What if I told you that my teeth moved? Well, they do in fact move while I speak, as can be seen in the following video of the lips being moved:

When I opened my mouth, the words came out very clearly. However, when I closed my mouth, the words became clear again. I could not really say when it happened to me. However, as can be seen in the following video, the tongue remains on my teeth for as long as one second, which is much longer than other tongues would be able to stay on something.

My mouth moved when talking for some reason. When talking in Spanish, I find myself saying different words. When I was working in Ecuador as a teacher, I was always given a sheet of grammar notes while doing my homework. On my notes there were words that were never spoken and some that were very common, like “sabe” for “babe”. This isn’t a huge problem in Spanish, because the words we are supposed to use can be found in many different dialects. However in my own country in Ecuador, I had many conversations with people whom I rarely spoke with, so I would hear words that were not spoken. This can lead to some weird and unusual words that I hear every day.

Another issue that my tongue touched is the tongue latching on to my teeth, at least when I tried to bite down on them. This is actually not very common, although it does happen occasionally. For instance, when I was traveling in Colombia, I had people give me little cups to drink from. I used to hold one cup under my lips to drink. When I drank from these cups, my tongue would slip off. When drinking from these cups, I could not use what they tell me to say, or I would have to repeat something else. If it’s not being spoken in Spanish, it probably is not being used in the same way as what you are saying. That was why I had a lot of problems when I ate with people with very long tongues, because I would have to say the correct thing to say with one of these cups, and when I was drinking these cups, I had to hold a tongue-length glass underneath my lips to avoid biting down on my teeth.

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What is it about Spanish that allows these very unusual words to come out? Why is there something that makes me say them? Is there some type of communication that I am lacking in Spanish? Does this even matter at this point? As I