Are ring lights good for video?

Gianni V.P. - Gianni P.E. & Video Production

Yes, this is an issue. While there are various methods of lighting your film, the basic rule is: the brighter the better.

How often should a flash should be used?

Unless you have a lot of ambient light, you’ll be using more flash than you normally would. If you’re using white backgrounds with black fill it’s best only to use it for a couple moments on the screen to make your film shine and then to leave it. The bigger the fill the bigger the impact.

What is the ideal flash speed for the use given (miles per hour)?

There is no “right” flash speed. That is something you’re going to have to get into and experiment with using different settings. On my 35mm 4×5 film there are several settings I can use which will give me very good results at an appropriate speed (miles per hour) without any significant loss in image quality.

When to Use Flash (Miles per hour)?

I use flash everytime I shoot. It’s one of the very few ways I can easily create a realistic film look. If the need arises I simply leave it on and let it do it’s work.

What does the flash do?

I know many people can’t be bothered picking up the film or the flash and just watching the film. It’s great film and I love watching it, but when I’m not using it I’m either shooting or editing in one. But I think with a little bit of practice you’ll find your flash will give you a nice, natural look to your film which you won’t be able to achieve with anything else. And it’s even great for shooting on LCD monitors, which have been known to distort a film stock a little.

I’ve got a lot of film to do in the next few days, so I thought I’d do a little post-processing to see what it would look like shot without flash.I’m using the camera for one of the first real shoots I’m doing with it as I had to get the film all to itself before I started shooting, so I figured that wouldn’t be too big a challenge.

How do you apply filters after you make your film?

I’ve learned that you can use a cheap, light brown coloured filter and then apply a dark tone filter to the lens to give yourself the effect of a “film” filter. I also found that some lenses have a great way of letting the