Can I record a video playing on my phone?

No, but we have a recording option that’s great

What is the status of your Kickstarter campaign?

We have an email address to keep in contact with Kickstarter

What is your project cost?

In all honesty they’re about the same as many other “cute” games. We’ve made the best estimate for making it as fun as possible, but we want to make sure it’s for someone to enjoy playing too. We’ve had so many really nice players tell us their stories as a result of playing Tides of War and we’re not done.

Can I purchase your game?


Where is Tides of War?

We’ve had the whole thing in development for more than three years now. We love to play, but don’t have too much to show the audience (even though we still have some unfinished graphics). We hope to get the game out to as many people as we can.

We can’t get any better than this with out your generosity and support! As you know, we’re still working on this game! If you want more details, feel free to reach us at or via email at

Fascism’s “Warriors of Art”

One of the most striking aspects of recent history has been the rise in the popularity of fascism. Fascism in America, for example, is now much more popular than Hitler was when he rose to power. In recent years, American fascism has been able to draw not only people who are not necessarily Nazis, but many others who are not white nationalists, but have some ideological overlap.

The resurgence of fascism in the United States is most evident in the form of the alt-right movement. As we’ve discussed before, it’s not clear it’s a movement, but a set of loosely-connected “anarchist” and “white nationalist” ideas. While the idea of fascism being on the rise in the United States is hard to argue with, in a nation with many left-wing groups and a conservative government, the alt-right seems to be taking a more radical, racist, and anti-establishment bent than many progressives would expect, if their ideas were still relatively new.

There’s a lot written and said on the alt-right by far-right figures like Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and David Duke. These figures’ ideology may not be what the alt-right