Are phone cameras better than DSLR?

Why shouldn’t I go with professional quality cameras for my photographs? Why don’t you use more of your resources and get a really nice DSLR?

Can I use my Canon EOS 5D Mark II for this?

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Will there be a Nikon 5D Mark II for this? Will there be a DSLR version to go alongside this? This is a big problem: a good DSLR is really needed for this purpose. And why shouldn’t it be a great camera? Why can’t it take better images than a standard point and shoot? Yes, it can do that too. But even with a higher resolution camera, the pictures will still be bad. And you will suffer too.

But even then, can you afford a professional-quality camera?

The point is that if you are shooting for a professional price, it seems that at least a DSLR or comparable point and shoot will be your basic first camera; you can then add other parts later. And if you don’t have any money to spend on professional equipment, there might be a more reasonable option. For those in need of a basic camera, at least the quality will be pretty good enough. But you won’t be able to do an extensive research, so what are the chances of this?

Yes, it will be a little expensive first camera, but if you spend all your time on this and do good work, it won’t be that significant, as an image taken with this model will look just as good as one taken with a DSLR.

Also I think it is true that the camera will probably have all sorts of shortcomings, not least image quality. Why can’t the image quality be as good as a point and shoot?

Because there are differences in quality, the ability of the camera to get the most out of the available light, the quality of the sensor and so on.

But the most important is that a point and shoot is designed for a beginner who wants to begin shooting with their first camera. In other words, you have a limited experience at this level. And in a professional workshop with a better camera, the potential is very high.

And that will help you to avoid poor performance and the risk of using your first cameras with poor quality photos.

Now, you are talking about a beginner who wants to learn photography, that’s a great thing. But who is there to help you on this journey?

There is. There is a huge community