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This is the last question we ask you before giving you the opportunity to purchase your ticket.

The answer is NO, but the only place you can find it is in the video library.

Please, make sure and read this information, if you’re interested in buying your tickets to the event, it’s the most important information you will receive in order to purchase your ticket.

What happens between the time I purchase my tickets and the time you send out your tickets?

When you have the tickets in hand and they are ready to be sent out, we post them to the official online ticket site and confirm with you.

If you still want to buy tickets at the next available date, you can do so in the same way. You can purchase tickets either through a physical box, or as the “Online Ticket”.

What are the payment options?

We are offering the following payment options for attendees.

The Ticketing site will notify you when your tickets are available. You can also get a confirmation email, along with your ticket-holder access PIN, by clicking on the link within your email.

How do I upgrade my ticket?

After purchase, we’re happy to email you a confirmation email and your ticket holder access PIN to make you upgrade to a Preferred Seat. Please note that this is an online option for you to upgrade.

If you have any questions about upgraded seating, please email us at

How can I be sure my ticket is genuine and not a fake?

All our tickets can be verified for authenticity by examining the picture on the back. If you can’t clearly see the person, it is most likely a fake. This includes people posing with children, as a teenager with parents present, etc.

What is a ticket voucher for?

A ticket voucher is an online payment option that you can have with you and your family and friends to give away for free to anyone you wish. Tickets can be given through the ticketing site, the website, or your mobile wallet.

How do I redeem my voucher?

Click the online ticket tab once you have purchased a ticket and look to its right, under the section titled “Voucher,” and then under “Receive Code.” Write down the voucher code you received with your ticket in the text box next to that piece. We have created special websites that give you a link. Then follow the steps

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