How can I learn videography? – Shooting Without A Tripod

Watching videos is helpful and is a great way to gain experience but it will take time to become a competent videographer. If you can work under constant pressure, it just takes a while to develop a strong skill under stress. This can be learned in any discipline but it’s best that you start off with the basics first.

There are loads of resources available online. A good way of finding out about films available for free is to use a search engine and check out the freebies. You can also visit websites dedicated to film and video, or look at the resources listed below which often have detailed tutorial pages.

What video production skills do I need to become a good videographer?

If you already have the skills but not the passion to pursue them, we suggest that you look for a more practical career path. Our work has identified a range of employment options within the documentary production industry.

If you want to work in a company that is actively searching for staff, then start here. If you are seeking a fulltime place that is open to everyone (which would mean full-time day work and part-time freelance, perhaps on the side) check out The Film School.

A great way to find a job, whether a part-time or fulltime gig, is to contact the film industry job board, the careers website, your local theatre or school, or check out job centres such as

What is the best career for someone looking to become a filmmaker?

Here are some of the best ways that we have identified for people who want to move from being a documentary film-maker to a full time role in the filmmaking industry.

A new direction

The best way to develop your skills is by moving forward, rather than backwards. Having a broad range of training at your fingertips helps to ensure you are ready to move on in any direction.

If you are planning on heading towards a career in filmmaking, there are a number of exciting careers available.


We are currently running the Film-Maker Training course. By completing this course you will learn how to be a leading character actor within a short documentary film. While being a strong character actor may seem a long way away, if your background includes performing as lead in TV, films and stage plays, then joining our group may become the perfect opportunity to get into film acting.


This route has two main types:


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