How do I make a video background? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

Simply click “backgrounds” in the right column on the bottom right corner of this page. Once added the background(s) are shown directly beneath the video.

Can I have a custom video background?

The only acceptable custom backgrounds must be compatible with any video format you are using. This means that they have to display in a square format. Not only that, but the backgrounds must not interfere with the video resolution.

A simple example of using a background is this one that I made of a picture of the Moon and Jupiter in a space-themed view.

How do I download a custom Video Background?

You can download the backgrounds from the drop down menu above the video. Simply find your favourite video format you wish to use for the background, press the download button and then enjoy! When you first start up your video file, you will need to fill in the information to download the download folder, so if you haven’t already done so.

How big do the backgrounds have to be?

All uploaded videos contain the normal 16:9 video aspect ratio with an aspect ratio of 4:3. You can specify the dimensions of the background in your video settings.

What are your Privacy settings?

For the sake of privacy, I have disabled location tagging for each video. All my videos are tagged with their location though.

I can’t download all my videos!

Your browser can only download the background(s) currently in use on that page. When you start up the browser, and then click on the background download button the first time you open the page, you will see a small download pop up at the bottom. Simply click the download button and wait for the download to complete (typically 30 minutes or more). Once finished, your video(s) will be uploaded and available to download in any format you wish!

How do I delete a video?

Go to the “videos” folder within your downloads. Click on the video name to view it in full screen (it can take a little while). Click on the bottom left hand corner to click “Delete This Video”. You can delete multiple video(s) from your downloads at any one time. Note – You can delete any video file that has already been in your downloads for a reasonable amount of time before you delete it, just be very careful and make sure you make an exit out of the app quickly.

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