Which is the best camera for video shooting? – How Do I Make A Video Of Myself On My Laptop

We asked a group of professional cinematographers who all use multiple cameras with different frame rates. The result is one of the most comprehensive surveys to date. What’s most striking was that most of these photographers don’t share the same opinion on what is the best camera for video. A look at many of the entries below reveals the very different opinions some have on which camera is best. These perspectives often seem to be based on more than aesthetics, as many of the top responses also reveal a degree of personal comfort with the format. The final conclusion: which is the best camera for video shooting? Below is an edited list of those participating. We’ve also provided the full report with full answers, which will be published on Monday, Dec. 14. (As we will be publishing in full next week, we have also posted a summary of the survey here.)

(Photos courtesy of Dstl) 1st place: Canon 7D Mark II

$1000 | $2000

The 7D Mark II may be the most high-end camera Canon ever makes. Its 8.2MP lens with built-in flash, built-in GPS, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is absolutely worth the money. The new 1080p HD video recording makes the 7D II the best of the low-megapixel offerings.

2nd place: Nikon D4

$2000 | $1800

Nikon is the industry’s best for all that shoot with SLRs. It’s got a solid set of lenses to handle everything you throw at it, solid build quality, and fast, high-speed autofocus on top of it all.

3rd place: Canon 7D Mark II w/ 1/4″-28mm f/4

$1900 | $1400

The 7D II has a beautiful, large sensor (13.0MP), and the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS Macro Lens with IS. And the 5.0″ LCD screen gives excellent viewing angles and colors. The 7D II is a nice compromise between size and image quality.

6th place: Nikon D5

$2000 | $1200

The Nikon D5 is a beast of a camera, particularly if your goal is to shoot mostly stills, with a higher frame rate or a longer exposure. The D5 is also a nice compromise between size and image quality.

7th place: Sony A7RII

$1200 |

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