How do I make the background of a picture black? – Video Production Training

The standard way to make the background black is to create an image with black outlines (not solid black; just outlines of black). You’ll need two images: a standard one and a color image. (This isn’t an error to learn, this is one you have to see to know the answer.) Create a new file named “BlackOverlay_Background.jpg” and put the standard image in it, and the color image in another.

How do I make shadows on my images?

If your images have shadows they look like a big ugly black ring; if you give them black outlines you’d think that you have this ring, but on the other hand it looks like black shadow around the edges of these images. Try to use shadow outlines. On the other hand, if you want the shadows to stick to the edges of the images, you have to remove the outlines.

Using these tips you can take your black shadows and get rid of them. Don’t think you must do it this way on everything however, as sometimes even very small details are made more subtle by the inclusion of shadows.

If you’re using Adobe Photoshop there’s no problem when using black outline and making black shadows: just set the layer blending mode to “Outline” and you’re good to go. For the basic method you will need to use the brush, although it’s generally better to use the image brush to make things stick.

What if I don’t have these tools at my disposal?

That’s a matter of luck, but there are some things you can do if you really want it to work, like adjusting transparency.

If you want your picture to be transparent, simply open the “Options” tool in Photoshop, and click “Toggle Transparency”. If you use transparency or color masks, make sure the masks are checked in the “Select” dialog box.
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This can also help if you need to make “ghosting”, so if a light touches the edges of your image, that light will get refracted through the shadow. For more information on this topic see Wikipedia.

How many layers on my image should I use?

I recommend you not to use any more than 4 layers, if that’s what you have available.

To add a layer on your images, right click the image.

In the “Edit layer” dialog, choose “Add Layer.” Name it whatever you want, but it’s important to have something descriptive with

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