How much does it cost to shoot a music video? – How To Shoot A Music Video With Iphone

It could be around $300 dollars, but how much it costs depends on the size of the video. For $10,000, a shoot in a college campus with a few dancers would cost much more. For $20,000, the video cost could be in the hundreds, even thousands.

What if the dancers weren’t dancers?

You could always use stunt actors or actors that have been trained in motion picture dancing, but the cost would be higher for a commercial. The reason so many actors end up getting roles in movies is because it makes the movie look great. You can save a lot of money by using local talent in the beginning, and then you can keep them in the movie.

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Should you use actors that have been trained in a specific style or choreography?

You could use stunt actors (like on the musical “Hamilton”). Or you could take some footage or footage a friend can turn into a commercial.

What kind of equipment do you need?

A camera and a lighting system with a lot of lights. You’ll need a computer to edit and you also need a computer to set the video so that your dancers will look good and stay in character through editing. You’ll also need audio gear that will make it easy for the dancers to communicate with you from the stage and back, and to get sound feedback on the dance.

Can you afford high-end computers?

Not if you plan to make a lot of money. You’re gonna need a little bit of tech wizardry. I used a PC from one of my high school clubs to get things done, but you could also get good equipment at stores like Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, etc. You can even get equipment at the dollar store or thrift stores. The important thing is just to use the tools you can afford.

What does a commercial cost?

About $2 a pop when it’s done right, so if you’re working in the theater, about $400 each day.

What’s the difference between commercial music videos and music videos in general?

Commercials are a lot lighter on the budget than music videos. They don’t need to be as expensive as they are. You also have the option of using a local talent instead of taking someone with a big name from another city. I get more of a budget out of doing a music video, but I get a big bang for my buck doing a commercial.

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