How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Videography Tutorial

You can record in several different ways. First, you can use the iPhone’s built-in microphone and plug it into a stereo output. Next, you can use your iPhone’s external recording output, or you can use a USB connection. The external microphone and external recording output have audio output jacks on the back of the phone. After connecting your iPhone to your Mac, you can use iTunes’s “Record and Send” to record your music. Once you record your music, you can send it to the Mac for use with iTunes. Once you have connected to your iPhone through a digital input, you can use iTunes’ “Send” feature to save the music files for future listening.

“I thought we needed another way to get the message to them,” said Sen. John B. Bell, a Republican from Tennessee who was one of the bill’s three authors.

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A similar “social media” bill was introduced in 2012, largely ignored, by the same Republicans. That one, which the White House was behind, would have required websites like Facebook and Twitter to remove content that they learned was protected by the First Amendment while allowing it for others to be reported in a way that was not.

“The law will protect free speech and expression,” said Steve Vladeck, a professor at the University of Texas. “It’s a way of protecting speech against the powerful, and protecting the weak and the marginalized from speech that has to be curtailed in order to keep the republic from collapsing.”

The Facebook measure would have required it to comply with any subpoena that the government could bring to it. And while it was initially supposed to cover posts by foreign governments — with many of them banning American Facebook users for life if the government could prove them to be agents of those governments — Facebook and Internet service providers have said they would take steps to protect users in a way that was more narrowly drawn.

The White House said Tuesday that it had no specific objections to any of the changes made to the bill, which is still pending in the House. It had previously said it expected the House and Senate to make changes that would “protect the most speechable ideas from censorship while allowing the protections of the First Amendment to apply to more speech.”

The Internet Association, an advocacy group for the Internet industry, had said its members were “fully supportive” of the changes that were being considered, and the social media and lobbying groups for Hollywood also supported them.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the version of the

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