How do you record a video? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

You can do so in two modes: in “live” mode, you only need to set your recording device, and in “off” mode, you are free to capture yourself wherever you go.

Live mode

In live mode the video is shot from a tripod at the exact right distance, in real time. No matter what, everything you try to capture on your mobile device will be recorded and available live on your computer, tablet and TV or in the living room.

You can capture the entire thing, as long as your phone/tablet has the same HD resolution.

You can choose to record from the camera on your phone or that on a big smartphone (such as the Galaxy S6), or you can record on your computer while seated at a small distance to your laptop, tablet or TV.

Off mode

The “on” mode is just simply taking your phone or the tablet anywhere and capturing it. It also means that you do not need to move your mobile device and it doesn’t have any “microphone” attached to it, which means you are not able to hear other people talking or anything.

You can record in “live” mode from anywhere, but you have some settings that you should be aware of:

The recording device needs to be set at a certain distance from you.

You need to set a high framerate (such as 30fps) with your recording device. It’s better to capture when the camera is on the phone/tablet, while the person is standing up, rather than in a sitting position.

Use “focal length” as your starting point. If your camera is set at a certain focal rate, you will experience sharp, but underexposed images.

If you are recording from a tablet, you will need the tablet to be set a certain size (such as 8 or 12 inches). You will not get the best result with the phone’s screen, even though it may be the correct size.

The best result is to record the whole thing using a smartphone camera!

How do I know where my video is recorded?

When you record live, the video is recorded at exactly 10.6 metres, this is how far away you need to cover to capture everything. You are free to move around, but this could cause distortion and make it very difficult to focus. Remember though, that in live mode, the video is recorded exactly as if you were

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