Is video editing easy? – Video Production Courses

Here is one of my favorite youtube videos, it shows how to make a short video (around 30 seconds) and get it posted within minutes. I don’t always follow the exact steps here because it is pretty self-explanatory.

Do I even have to buy anything?

Here is a simple tip: don’t even make a movie or video game. Use your imagination. If you want to learn how to make short videos, you need a good tool to do the magic.

I do my edits using Adobe Premiere Pro. You can find more info here.

What do people say about my website?

There are quite a few people who like the content on my blog, and it helps in gaining some more visibility on the web.

What should I do going forward?

Here are a few things to keep in a mind:

It’s okay if people do not share my content, that’s fine. I think that a fair amount of people on the web are interested in short videos, it’s just that my content hasn’t caught on yet. This is a great time to make video content if you haven’t made anything yet, or if your current content doesn’t do well: this is my last chance and I plan on continuing to make videos on my own site.

How to build a business

So what kind of income do I get from the “Short Video Blog”?

We can see that I make around $10,000 from all my videos, and that was with my current traffic and income. With increased traffic, I will likely get more money, but until then, I’m making a decent income from being a resource to others.

Do I need help making money?

I’m not sure what “good business methods” you have used. A lot of people can make $8,000 if they’re dedicated and know what they’re doing. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet quite a few people who have done this, and they seem like they got the benefit of all their skills (or even more!):

The people who make the most money are people who know how to use a spreadsheet, organize their finances, and have the ability to work with people.

I don’t know what you do. I’m just here, hoping I can give you some advice of my own. If you need help making money, feel free to post a comment below! It will be much appreciated.

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