How long it takes to edit a music video?

All of these things apply equally to video editing.

For some of these answers, it might be worth checking the answer about editing a video to see if there were other common answers or if the questions were covered in some later course of the course. But most likely you have a different question you want answered here, probably about the first 3 questions in the chart.

For more info, check on how to upload a music video online – for now, just use this page.

Video Editing Course

This is the most comprehensive course in the world dedicated to editing a music video for you to watch.

I’ve been learning video editing from all 3 of Myle’s courses for 8 months now and I’m absolutely loving and loving it.

Here is the entire list of what this course has to teach you along with everything you need to know to succeed:

Here’s my review in a previous post: The Complete Video Editing Course from Myle
7 Tips for Shooting Event Video and Photography at the Same Time

The course itself has many good resources for beginners, I’m just going to highlight some of the biggest. The first one is one of his best short courses so far. When you sign in through your Myle link (click the “Get Started” button at top left of this page) you get a complete rundown of all the resources in each of his courses.

The second one is about mastering the basics of video editing and getting ready for getting into video production. It was the only post I wasn’t able to find from him yet, because it was his favorite video, so check it out if you’re missing some of his content!

Myle also has a ton of video tutorials and tutorials to help you do even more than the above ones. I’ve included some of the videos below with links, it might help you out too.

The third and last course is an awesome resource for all the aspiring video makers out there. Here you will find many tutorials on different aspects of video editing in general as well as in particular in the music video industry. Here is the best one of all by far and my personal favorite.

How much does it cost?

I’ve been using this course for a total of 3 months and I can honestly say it cost me about $4 dollars in total. When I first started I asked Myle here about the costs of the course, but he said he couldn’t give me exact details on pricing. Now I can tell you for sure, you’d need to pay