How many megapixels is 4k?

There aren’t many. This, naturally, has led to a wide and vocal debate between the digital versus film camps. So many “facts” and “statistics” are thrown around that it’s hard to get anything but confusing at times. But if you’re looking at the number of megapixels, I’d say 4k is by far the most relevant.

If you’re looking at the number of megapixels, though, I’d say 4k is by far the most relevant.

Why 4K? It is indeed four times the resolution of 1.07 megapixels in the film format, and much more than that in 4K (12.04 million dots, nearly 16 million for 5K), but it takes a lot more space. In fact, 4k is the most-expanded-on film format that exists. That’s quite a claim.

The first 2-D projectors

There are very few 4K-capable TVs out there; the majority are not 4K (though there are a fair number of 4K OLED TVs and other 4K televisions). There are also some new 4K displays that promise 5K and 8K images at 50 or 60 Hz (which are often referred to as HDR). This is a real advance over 4K, as it is quite a bit brighter and smoother, with a much more convincing color quality.

However, the TV manufacturers are now getting around to supporting it in their displays on TVs; HDR was originally released by the big broadcasters in 2016, and will be available soon on the larger TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony and other brands. It’s even possible that some brands may adopt HDR as well as 4K or 10K resolution.

That being said, when the new LG 4K TVs will be available, they will require a relatively hefty price premium over the regular models. We’ve written about the topic before, so check those links out for more info.

For now, the biggest TV manufacturers have been focusing on 4K TVs and OLEDs (a very bright and shiny new display). We are also seeing 4K OLED TVs (Samsung, LG, Panasonic) coming soon, with 4K OLED TVs for a while. All that said, there’s still time to change a lot of minds about 4K on TVs…and, if you can afford it, to spend just a bit more for a very exciting new TV. Stay tuned for even more updates on 4K TVs!