How much does it cost to shoot a music video?

We shot several music video production videos in order to showcase our music. We were not compensated for these videos. They simply made sense in terms of our art and concept, and also the use of technology for each project. For each film, we worked with one video editor, and a second editor would sometimes contribute to the editing for the last two. Editing is all about finding the right composition, rhythm and feel for the music video.

Can you tell me a bit about the editing of your video?

We used various editing software with various effects to achieve the video’s mood. Our video was shot in the most efficient manner possible, with only a very few edits. For our first video, we shot three takes for it. On the second shoot, we used four takes. Finally, we used four takes for an additional music video that we are currently releasing in the music video industry.

What tools did you use to compose the music?

The hardest part of music video composing is finding a sound that resonates within one frame of music. There are several instruments in music video production, some used as stand-alone instruments, and some with a more pronounced and traditional type of composition. There is no correct sound for every combination of instrumental, vocal and video elements. The music we composed is based on a few sound elements that we found to be the most suitable. The majority of these sound elements were recorded using a large sound system that has a good balance between all of the instruments.

How would you explain how you used voice to create the music?

To accomplish the theme for this film, we took into consideration the concept of ‘sons of the earth’ and created an authentic sound effect by combining a family of woodwind instruments. The concept of ‘sons of the earth’ is really a metaphor for our belief that we should work together for each other and the planet.

What was your inspiration for the name of this music video?

With this project, we really wanted to do something special. We were intrigued by the concept of using the ‘Sons of the Earth’ motif. So we thought it would be cool to take music that resonates with the same image and to make it sound like something else.

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The “Sons of the Earth” motif was one of the most exciting elements to create. The video was a combination of a number of instruments, including the violins, the accordion, the drums, the acoustic guitar and various guitars.