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For all of the above projects, this is what I pay for myself per hour of work:

I take home between 10c and 13c per hour for a professional job. I don’t do this professionally because, as I have outlined, my videos are meant to teach people something. I am not paid per video.

How do you work on something like your YouTube channel? If not, which other sites do you work for?

I work on my own YouTube channel and am lucky enough, because of the way the world works, to do a lot of solo projects. I also am able to work on projects where I spend a lot of time creating video work. I have worked on a lot of documentaries, short film and music videos. I have also worked for several different video platforms and are currently working on more. The most recent of these is the video game channel ‘Gameplay’ that has now had 5-6 videos on it and is now being streamed on Twitch.

The most interesting and creative work I have done has been ‘Projects’. These are mostly video games related projects that have been put on my channel by the other guys in the ‘Gameplay’ channel. You can find the ‘Gameplay’ channel at this link and it is currently the place I have put most of my projects.
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How have you got involved with other people? And what’s your favourite video game in the world?

I have a very personal connection with my favourite game, which is Dark Souls I believe. I was at a friend’s house when I was a child and I was playing the game at home. I haven’t played the game since then, probably because I have got into all the other games and I never want to return to Souls.

There is a lot of stuff in my life that is more personal and I have a great fondness for stuff that I do not have control over. I think this is because I like feeling very much where I am. I have a deep respect for what I can do and I like doing it in my own way and, I suppose, in the way I want to. For many years I had always considered that my passion was ‘creativity’, but I like to think that my passion is ‘creativity’.

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