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I know videographers are in the best position of all of its sort with our small budgets. We are so used to being on film that we usually do not worry much about things and are more focused on the craft of producing the product. It is not unusual for our pay rates to be around $40 per hour (or less) which is quite a lot of work time in addition to the cost of gear such as lights, cameras and computers. If a production company really wants an individual that can make a very large amount of money, one that is really not shy about working in front of a camera, they should really check out the video careers of the big names in videography.

Where should I start.

Most of the time, a lot of my clients are not looking for a filmmaker-type person so I don’t really expect anyone to tell me what they can and can’t do. I think most people who are thinking of starting out in the video market will first start with their own film company and maybe work from there on their own.

The first step if you are thinking of starting out is to talk to someone from a large video production production company so you can work together on a project or get started as a crew member on an event. If you do make it to to the next step there will be more knowledge and experience on your side than what you will get from me.

I am also very flexible and can offer a lot from my production credits. I have worked in and out of film with the likes of MTV, Nickelodeon, FX, Discovery Channel, and many more. From what I have seen, I would be pretty happy to work on any of your projects in addition to working with you.

In closing

I have only been making videos for just over two years now. What I’ve learned in this time is how many hours of footage there is to be made using just one camera, a few minutes of music, one editor (I usually do the sound editing but often bring in friends and a small crew), and a little bit of editing. There is some stuff that can be done much quicker but we all have different needs and likes. I am going to keep working on video and as my business grows I will have more and more projects that I will do on my own.

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