How much does it cost to shoot a music video?

$50,000 to $70,000 per minute. We did an episode where I was in Los Angeles and I was out on set and they were like, “Hey, it’s just you and me and we’re shooting a music video.” And I was like, “Sure, yeah, you can shoot a music video.” And they’re like, “Why are you filming on our set?” I was like, “Well, you’re filming our set because these people are making $20,000 per hour filming music videos. I don’t think anyone would make that much money doing that.”

It’s not like music videos were the first thing you went into producing — if you’re a producer, you’ve probably made other things, like commercials or music-video videos.
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And when you’re making music videos, one of the first things you have to make is a good look and that’s what we did first. I was working on an episode and I was like, “Let’s shoot this on a boat.” And the whole crew was like, “Yeah, we’ll shoot on that.” So, I put a boat in a video and then it went from there. We shot it on Friday and we shot it Saturday.

How did you find the right time of day?

We had a couple of cameras that were a little bit less expensive, so we were able to shoot in front of a house so the background is nice. The water wasn’t that distracting. We had a couple of cameras that were a little bit more expensive, so they’re always shooting in front of a house in the morning. I tried to find a balance so I couldn’t have a huge set up — like if I had an eight-camera rig, that would have been too much.

So you could shoot in front of a house?

Yes. And we had a nice set that was on a pond that was about 500 years old — this was about eight days of shooting. That was kind of the start of our adventure. Then we had another set that was on an apartment building just next door to the studio. Again, there was about eight days of shooting in the morning to the afternoon.

So you wanted to shoot a daytime shoot in the summer but you had another set that was for a night?

Yeah. When you’re shooting music videos, you have an idea of what time of day you’re shooting in the morning and in the evening and in between. So,